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special services

Big Plant Depot offers a diverse range of semi-mature trees and shrubs together with a comprehensive planting services.


We are happy to talk you through all aspects of planting and provide a comprehensive planting guide.


We can make a site visit to give you some planting options.There is a charge for this, but this is deducted if/when you purchase the trees from us.


We charge a rate per Km, this is for one tree or as many as we can reasonably get on our trailer.The rate is less if we are planting the trees.


Charged on an hourly rate(Per person) with a 1/2hr minimum.Usually we send two persons as this is faster and more cost effective than one.We only charge for the time spent on site as you would have already paid a delivery fee.


For sites where access is an issue (i.e steep hills and enclosed yards)


We have an "Avant" wheeled loader with digging arm.Being wheeled and centre pivot this causes far less damage to lawns, gardens etc than something with tracks. It is about 1metre wide and can get to the rear of most residential sections.

For multiple plantings on the same site this is a very cost effective option.


We use,recommend and supply tree fertilizer tablets, these last up to 24 months and feed the tree over this period,by the time they are used up the tree should easily be able to fend for itself.


Many of the large trees will need to be supported for 12 - 18 months. This can either be done by securing to a nearby structure(i.e Fence, Building) or by using metal/wood stakes. We primerily use metals stakes, but have a wooden option. We also use a purpose made tree tie that secures the tree while allowing the trunk to breathe.

If you purchase the metal stakes from us, we refund almost half the purchase price if you return them. We have a "Puller" you can borrow to get then out.


We have been successful in transplanting & relocating several large phoenix and windmill palms. We have achieved this without loss of condition to the plants.

We have hiab, crane and helicopter companies we work with and have confidence in.

Please telephone or stop in to our nursery, and we can give a quote for the trees and an accurate estimate for any of our services.

Below are a few photos of a recent relocation & planting:

Big Plant Depot is a Nelson based specialist grower of large trees and large shrubs for landscaping and gardens.

We offer a very large variety of fully mature trees, shrubs, flowering bushes and decorative plantings.

Our stock of available plants includes fully mature pittosporum, canton lace, gordonia Moon Light Magic, mature Japanese maples, and over one thousand others.

We also hire plants out for events and special occasions for indoor and outdoor displays. Visit our nursery (situated at 462 Main Road Hope, just south of Richmond township in Nelson) to review stock or call us for any details.